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No Bark No Bite

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Professional Dog Training
With Positive Reinforcement



No Bark No Bite Dog Training seeks to help owners and pups who have reached the end of their rope. It can be hard to love your dog and have no idea if what you are doing is right or wrong for them. Victoria, lead dog trainer and owner of No Bark No Bite, has a passion for getting you and your pup back out on those walks and welcoming guests into the home without embarrassment. No Bark No Bite follows very positive training methods and believes in allowing the dog to choose you with confidence.

Love My Clients


What Pet Owners Say

"Very Understanding"


"Helpful Information"

“Great with bad behaviors! Was able to point out exactly what was causing them and how to fix them. Very understanding and supportive of the dogs AND their owners.”

“I had a great experience with her dog training! I ride horses, but my dog was scared of horses. She would bark constantly and didn't want to come near them. Within one very short session she was able to get my dog calm and relaxed around the horses and willing to walk up to them. She is professional and kind to the dogs. I recommend you give her a chance!”

“Great service and provided really helpful information and exercises taught and we see change in our puppy the next day.”

Heather W.

Alison W.

Argha G.

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