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Behind No Bark No Bite

Victoria showing new puppy owners how to positively connect with their puppy and to direct it towards good behavior.

The Founder

Victoria is a certified dog trainer through CATCH Canine and has apprenticed under obedience and agility professionals. Her specialization is in anxiety and fear management but enjoys working with any pup, no matter how simple the training. She believes that every dog has something to teach her and is currently advancing her knowledge in training tools such as E-Collars and Prong Collars.


The Training

No Bark No Bite centers around positive reinforcement and natural consequence training. This prevents accidental cue poisoning which can create a confused, fearful, or reactive dog. We break it down in terms that any owner can understand and not worry about sending the wrong message to their pups.

Victoria and Red spending their first day on the water, giving Red a positive experience around boats and water.
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