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When I joined the military, General Red had to live with my mom. She, unfortunately, is not a dog trainer and did not know how to handle his issues. So, what I had under control, began to become problems again. Problems that were stressful to her and dangerous to him. I sought out a trainer that could come and show her what she needed to do. Something I couldn't due to being across the country. Only, all the trainers around were asking $300+ for one session. Unless I wanted to rehome my pup, I had to pay. I sacrificed a lot to pay that fee, on top of the $1000 dog crate that was created to soothe him. That trainer arrived and spent an hour telling my mother there was nothing she could do. It is because of this that I offer very discounted programs to families that cant afford training. All you need to do is apply and I will get back to you on catering to your budget. I don't think someone should have to pay a fortune to give their pet, a part of their family, a chance. 

Every pup and family deserves a chance.

Not just those who can afford it.

This application covers extreme behavioral problems that impact your pup and the home. This can mean dog aggression,

disobedience, and more.

Thanks for submitting!
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